November 11, 2012

If you have not paid your troop dues you must contact me immediately.  We are going through the recharter process and scouts that have not paid their dues or spoken to me will be dropped from the charter on December 1st.

Scouting For Food – Everyone should be participating! 

This past weekend we blanketed Menlo Park with flyers. This coming Saturday, November 17th we will be collecting food.  Again by Patrol.  Food must be handed in by 2:00 pm.  There are patrol points and the Patrol that collects the most food (by weight) gets a bonous.

 Call for Senior Patrol Leader Nominations!

 It is time to elect a new Senior Patrol Leader.  It is a 6’ish month term and we are looking for scouts that have been a Patrol Leader to move to the next level of leadership.  You will be expected to attend all Troop meetings and as many outings as possible.  If you think you are ready or want to suggest a candidate please let me know.  The runners up will be the ASPLs.

Order of the Arrow Elections:

I am currently planning to have OA elections during our December Troop meeting.  You should be present at that meeting if you want to become part of the Order of the Arrow (Scouting’s Honor Society).

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