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Youth Protection Training – Are You Up-to-date?  

April is Youth Protection Month!

Hello, April is Youth Protection Month and it’s just around the corner!

As Pacific Skyline Council’s newly appointed Youth Protection Champion and Youth Protection Committee Chairman, I just wanted to take moment and introduce myself to all of you. The Youth Protection Champion is a recent volunteer position within Scouting that aims to promote and encourage safety and training about issues of abuse and bullying. In this role I report directly to the Council Executive Board regarding issues of Youth Protection.

This program is considered by many to be one of the best in the nation when it comes to youth programs. It helps not only the Scouts but also the adults to be and feel safer and more secure so they can focus on the fundamentals of Scouting. I think we all agree that the protection of our youth is one of the most important aspects of Scouting and we as parents and leaders go to great efforts to make them safe. Unfortunately we live in a rather complex and ever-changing world. Threats to our children come from all aspects of life; not only predators in real life and online, but also bullying and cyber bullying. Even a single incident can discourage a child from participating in something they otherwise enjoy, and it’s our goal to prevent, and respond properly to, any such risks or incidents. That is why it is critical that not only our unit leaders, but all parents and adult volunteers, even the Scouts themselves, become familiar with the BSA’s Youth Protection policies, programs, and practices, including formalized Youth Protection Training (YPT). All leaders and registered adults are required to complete YPT every 24 months.

YPT teaches BSA’s clear rules for how adults interact with Scouts, and also how Scouts should interact with other Scouts. Properly taught and enforced, these lessons can continue providing guidance through the rest of their lives. Pacific Skyline’s goal is for 100% of our registered adults to be YPT trained which may include auditing and enforcement through the year, as well as during the unit re-charter cycle next year. So I strongly urge you to go to MyScouting.org and take an online YPT class that best suits you. There are classes for each level of Scouting, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing/Exploring, and it’s one of the most valuable 20 minutes each of us can spend for the benefit of Scouting and our Scouts. Whether you are a volunteer, parent, Eagle Scout or Tiger Cub, everyone should be aware of the rules for safe Scouting.

Please keep in mind that training records in Scouting are kept by BSA in its national database. To ensure you receive proper credit for each YPT or other courses, confirm that your BSA membership ID number, as well as your affiliation with “Pacific Skyline Council – Foster City, CA – Council #031” are linked with your myscouting.org account profile (in the Update My Profile section).

There are two YPT courses available in Scouting: the first is geared toward Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts; while the second applies to older Scouts in Varsity and Venturing (a third applies to Exploring, administered through LearningforLife.org). If you take one and alternate courses each year, you’ll always ensure you are up to date!

While there is no guarantee that Scouting’s YPT programs or YPT training will protect against all related risks to our Scouts, if everyone is involved, aware, and follows the guidelines set forth, YPT will help greatly reducing the chances of an adverse incident in Scouting happening in the first place.

We all want children to succeed, be responsible, and enjoy happy, enriched lives. That is why we participate in Scouting. YPT exists to support those objectives and further the benefits of Scouting for everyone involved. So please join with me in this effort to ensure that all our registered adults take, and remain, current in their YPT training requirements.

If you have any question please feel free to email me at: robhamblenBSA@comcast.net (do not reply to this email). Or learn more here.

Thank you for your time, and continued support of Youth Protection.

I’m Rob Hamblen, and I’m YPT trained. Are you?

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