[Troop222All] Nothern Tier 2015 – Crew A

Both Crews have mostly returned from the Boundary Waters safely.  Lisa & Ian are on Catalina, Andrew is in Canada, Roy and Trevor are in Wisconsin.  

Both crews went off in their own directions and did not see each other until a chance encounter on Day 5 and at the final portage trail on Day 7. Crew A (David, Russ, Lisa, Andrew, Katelynn, Kyle, Annika, and Ian) paddled the following route:

We had great weather, which was occasionally interrupted by a torrential down pours, thunder and lightning. Good food that included shelf stable cheese and on the trail baked brownies.  The Hudson Bay Bread was a real treat on Day 5 and 7, as there are more calories in a single bar than most people eat in a day.  We were very glad we opted for the lighter but more fragile kevlar canoes.  Our trek took us about 70 miles including portaging 2220 rods (about 7 miles).

As we made our way South we had more encounters with the Minnesota state bird, the mosquito.  One day I counted 42 bites on my left hand alone.  Katelynn claims to have only gotten one bite and it didn’t even itch.  We added to our adventure by determining the turbidity of at least 5 lakes with a secchi disc and marked on a GPS portage trails. I also brought a GoPro to do some time-lapse photography of our canoeing and portaging.  We secretly entered Canadian Waters and stepped ashore just to claim the island for Troop 222.  

Next summer we are back to Philmont with 24 people.

David Fichou

Scoutmaster – Troop 222 – www.t222.org
Course Director – National Youth Leadership Training – bit.ly/NYLT2016
Founder- Pack 565  – www.pack565.org

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