[Troop222All] Scoutmaster Updates: February 17th, 2014 – No regular meeting this Wednesday – Come to get stuff signed off

Action Items:
– Signup for Summer Camp by clicking here.
Calendar of upcoming events:  (see www.t222.org for the full calendar) 
Wednesday  Feb.  19     7:30pm   Not a regular troop meeting –
 Need something signed off?  I and a red shirt will be there!
Fri.-Sun.  Feb.  21-23           Squaw Valley Snow & Ski Trip – henry628202@gmail.com

Monday     Feb.  24     6:30pm   Uniformed Lader Gathering

Monday    Feb.  24     7:30pm   Committee & Parent meeting      

Wednesday  Feb.  26     7:30pm   Trail To First Class Meeting – Activity Uniform – MPPC C-20
Sunday     Mar.   2     6:00pm   Patrol Leader Council 
Wednesday  Mar.   5     7:30pm   Troop Meeting – Field Uniform (Class A) – MPPC C-20
Thursday   Mar.   6     7:30pm   Roundtable – Ongoing Adult Leadership Training offered by the Council
Sunday     Mar.   9     7:30pm   Florida Sea Base Meeting – Mandatory – Navigation 
Wednesday  Mar.  12     7:30pm   Troop Meeting – Activity Uniform – MPPC C-20
Wednesday  Mar.  15-16   Point Reyes National Sea Shore Backpacking – Andrew@fichou.net
Fri.-Sun.  Feb.  21-23           Squaw Valley Snow & Ski Trip – henry628202@gmail.com

Wednesday  Mar.  15-16   Point Reyes National Sea Shore Backpacking – andrew@fichou.net
Fri.-Sun.  Apr.  25-27  Camporee – Cutter Scout reservation – 
Fri.-Sun.  May   16-18  Family camping – Sunset Beach      
Weeklong   June  14-20            National Youth Leadership Training 
 – for scouts that are in 7th grade or above and 1st class.
Sun.-Wed.  June  29-July 2       Desolation Wilderness
Weeklong   July  13-19           Summer Camp – Oljato
Weeklong   July  30-Aug 7        Florida Sea Base – Sea Exploring – spots still available!
Leave No Trace Question: – email kyle@fichou.net with your answer for 5 patrol points!
List 3 reasons why human impacts on wildlife can be bad.
List one way it would be good for wildlife.
Scout Leaders needed for:
Parents please remind your 

Volunteers needed:

Leadership tracking person. (1 hr/month or so) I need someone to track when scouts change leadership roles. I would send you an email about leadership changes and you would enter them into Troopmaster so that the total months in leadership are tracked there.

TOUR PERMIT COORDINATOR (1 hr/outing – Must be trained/registered member of the committee) Prepare and submit BSA Tour Permits for monthly outings, Recruit and coordinate drivers, Provide maps/schedules, transportation details and communicate parent updates

DEN CHIEF COORDINATOR (2 hrs/mo) Identifies den chiefs and coordinates with Cub Scout packs (222, 565) to assign boys to dens; Meets with Den Chiefs 2-3 times/year to provide leadership guidance and suggestions.

Training Offered:
Fleur de lis 32 pxNYLT logo

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) – June 14-20, 2014
Registration now open. An exciting, action-packed program provides youth with leadership skills and experience they can use in their units and in other situations. Key concepts focus on what a leader must BE, what he must KNOW, and what he must DO, and are taught with a clear focus on HOW TO. The skills come alive during the week as the patrol goes on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership. Click here for more info.
For those that have not completed the required training for ASM please mark your calendars.  To be a trained ASM you must have 1) Youth Protection Training 2) Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills, and 3) Position Specific Training.
Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills (for all ASMs & SM) – Starts March 5th http://www.pacsky.org/Training/Adult/Courses-Required/IntroOutdoorLeaderSkills0314

Boy Scout Position Specific Training – (for all ASMs & SM) – April 2 (3 parts)  http://www.pacsky.org/Training/Adult/Courses-Required/BSPositionSpecificSpring2014

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